Presentation of the book “The Gargano on the Table,” by Grazia Galante

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A not-to-be-missed appointment next Saturday at 6 p.m. at Agriturismo Biorussi with the presentation of “The Gargano on the Table: recipes from the cuisine of yesterday and today.”

The book, edited by Grazia Galante, provides an overview of Gargano cuisine, trying to capture its uniqueness and richness, exalting the peculiarities of Gargano cuisine common to all the towns and at the same time also emphasizing the internal differences, which are always an expression of creativity and inventiveness dictated almost always by the needs of real life and the conditions of the moment.

In addition to the author, botanist Prof. Nello Biscotti, a profound connoisseur of wild edible herbs and their uses, and chef Mario Falco, president of the Gargano and Capitanata Chefs Association, will speak on the importance of knowledge of one’s roots for the area’s present and future gastronomic offerings.
Conducting the evening, however, will be Domenico Sergio Antonacci, a connoisseur of the Gargano and a longtime promoter of the area.

To crown the cultural event a special dinner with a menu elaborated precisely from the recovery of some ancient recipes from the Gargano.”

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