Flavors of Art X, event between food and art returns

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Everything is ready in Carpino for the 10th edition of I SAPORI DELL’ARTE, the summer event that tastes genuine.

On August 1 and 2, as every year, at the Biorussi Farm, just a stone’s throw from Lake Varano, The Flavors of Art takes place with the aim of encapsulating all that the Gargano area has to offer in the two evenings dedicated to those who want to rediscover the flavors of yesteryear, relive the simple gestures of artisans and be carried away by the popular notes that will enliven the evenings. Rich program for the two evenings, RIZZABAND AND TARANT FOLK for the first evening and POETS OF THE GARGANO and ARAKNE MEDITERRANEA for the second.

Ten years ago the desire to spend an evening with friends was born: there were those who made wine, those who made cheese, honey, fava beans, and still those who painted paintings and those who built nativity scenes from recycled materials… On June 26, 2010, “The Flavors of Art” was born. Hence the name of the event, hence the desire to promote the commitment and passion of local producers and artists.

The event has, in its ten years of existence, found the right balance between art, culture and food and wine: “We started out as a game the first year,” says Maria Giulia Russi, owner of Agriturismo Biorussi, which organizes and hosts the event, “and we did not think we would organize this for a good ten consequential years; it was not easy to be constant and difficulties were always around the corner, but the strong connection with the territory, the desire to see together the “real producers,” the small artists and the few artisans who still create for pleasure and passion, the passion for popular music the numerous participation by artists and businesses, the awareness of succeeding every year in transmitting to the many visitors the values and treasures of this land, rediscovering the roots, scents and flavors of a genuine territory and all the simple things that belong to us that the passage of time here has not completely taken away… all this has given us the strength and courage to believe in this project and to believe in all the participants who every year accept our invitation by occupying a small space in our location for free, and there is no more beautiful thing than to see the collaboration and complicity that has been created, I Sapori dell’Arte has now become a beautiful family that grows more and more as the years go by, part of the good success is also thanks to all those who participate.

In the near future I Sapori dell’arte in September will become an Association and the event will become itinerant, – Maria Giulia surprisingly announces, – and I would like to take the event around to places that are undervalued or abandoned to themselves or why not also to other structures similar to mine, and I will try to propose it not only in the summer period but also in the winter periods because the Gargano is not only the sea and if we create attractions some people might come to visit us and get to know other scents, other colors and other corners of the territory that have to be experienced necessarily in winter or autumn. This is my challenge to myself for the 10th Edition and I want to dedicate it to all those who have supported us all these years and understood the intent and purpose of the event and to all the participants.

Flavors of Art is sponsored by the Municipality of Carpino, Proloco, Gargano Railways and CNA.

To Follow the program and participants of the 10th Edition:


7 p.m.: “Magialago” conference on baked goods and extra virgin olive oil by CNA

8:30 p.m.: Opening X edition of I SAPORI DELL’ARTE institutional greetings and presentation of artists and companies

9 p.m.: Traveling among the stands to discover the treasures of our land

9:30 pm: “RIZZABAND” the street orchestra that will enliven and entertain young and old, followed by Musical Concert of “TARANT FOLK.”


1 p.m.: Dining with the flavors of the Gargano, at the Biorussi Farmhouse. By reservation only at 348 8895360

5 p.m.: Presentation of the book “GARGANO NEGLI OCCHI” by Lucia Tancredi

7 p.m.: “Mangialago” Video projection and exhibition on Lake fishing products by CNA

8:30 p.m.: Traveling among the stands to discover the treasures of our land

9 p.m.: “I POETI DEL GARGANO” curator Franco Ferrara who will present poems between faith and Garganic popularity.

10 pm: Concert performance ARAKNE MEDITERRANEANEA

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