EVO oil: tradition and innovation. Meeting in Carpino on Oct. 27

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Evo oil: tradition and innovation. A “journey” to learn about extra virgin olive oil that is made from healthy olives and processed by mechanical methods. A product made from olives that are harvested without ever having touched the ground and do not undergo any treatment except for washing and leaf removal. This will be discussed, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, in Carpino (10 a.m., Agriturismo Biorussi, Macchiarotonda district).

Moment of confrontation and training wanted by the Farm “Biorussi,” for years a reference point in the production from “ogliarola garganica.” A well-rounded presidium of “EVO” oil, where tradition intersects with the processes of agricultural innovation. Speakers at the meeting will include Rocco Di Brina (mayor of Carpino), Piero Fusillo (councilor for agriculture of the Municipality of Carpino), Claudio Costanzucci (vice president of the Gargano National Park), Alessandro Leone (University of Foggia – Department of Agrarian Sciences, food and environment), Antonia Tamborrino (University of Bari – Department of Agri-environmental and territorial sciences), Michele Labarile (Monini SpA quality manager), Sabrina Pupillo (food technologist), Alessandro Iacubino (F&B Coaching and Consulting), Maria Giulia and Matteo Russi (agricultural entrepreneurs). Protagonists and researchers in the oil sector have long been in the field to provide new and interesting stimuli for production in the province of Foggia, and on the Gargano in particular.

“It is a productive world,” comments Maria Giulia Russi, olive oil entrepreneur and promoter of the event together with her brother Domenico, “that has started an important process of innovation and that now needs a fundamental path of promotion and marketing but also of intelligent synergy with the world of catering and commercial offerings. Thus was born this meeting in a particular moment for the oil production in the Gargano and beyond. I believe that the experiential contribution is fundamental in our sector, as is also the attention in informing and training the restaurant world. It often happens that, on the tables of even the most renowned points of attraction of our offer, oils of dubious origin and poor quality appear. The October 27 meeting goes in this direction: to raise awareness and educate, with the mission of shaping a unique, intelligent proposal capable of attacking a market that is there and that it is necessary to intercept.”

On October 27, they will discuss the sensory characteristics of Olive Oils with “Novello” tasting, the nutritional and health qualities of Extra Virgin Oils, new extraction technologies such as the use of ultrasound and microwaves, marketing strategies, new packaging proposals, and the importance of the olive oil chart in catering. In short, a new frontier to give even more credibility and commercial quality to extra virgin olive oil.

During the event, the new line in ceramic pitchers “Marì” and the line of flavored with Gargano fragrances from the Agriturismo “Biorussi” will also be presented. A compelling choice, where in addition to the flavors, the territory and its peculiarities will be enhanced. Smart choice to identify new market niches in an increasingly 4.0 format frontier. This is the new challenge starting in Carpino, a new vision of a territory and entrepreneurship in line with market needs.

Closing with tasting buffet to welcome the “novello.”

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