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Now in its sixth year, the packaging and visual design competition dedicated to olive oils has given its feedback, pending the awards ceremony in Milan on Friday, Feb. 1, as part of Olio Officina Festival. For shelf and travel oils, Spain comes out on top, Italy on the other hand for gift, commercial line, kids and flavored. And then there is the list of special awards, followed by honorable mentions.

Evo oil: tradition and innovation. A “journey” to learn about extra virgin olive oil that is made from healthy olives and processed by mechanical methods. A product made from olives harvested without ever having touched the ground and that do not undergo any treatment except for washing and leaf removal. This will be discussed, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, in Carpino (10 a.m., Agriturismo Biorussi, Macchiarotonda district).

Sunday, June 25 is a date that Capitanata wine lovers should mark on their calendars: the Capitanata Summer Solstice returns. The exclusive event featuring Capitanata’s wine and wineries will be held this year at Agriturismo Biorussi (Località Macchiarotonda in Carpino), close to Lake Varano.

Last December I had the opportunity to participate in “Lakeat,” a journey through history and food and wine on Lake Varano that we traveled the length and breadth of, discovering traditions, flavors and breathtaking scenery.
We were based at Agriturismo Biorussi, a little gem positioned in the heart of the countryside, a hospitable environment that welcomes you with open arms, thanks to the friendliness of the owners. The company’s philosophy is to offer a seasonal and quality product, here in fact we had the opportunity to taste the flavors of the area through typical dishes, all seasoned by the tasty olive oil, handcrafted.